Welcome to IASS 2022 and 13th APCS

The 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be held in Beijing.  This makes Beijing the first city in the world to host both Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Some new sports buildings, like National Speed Skating Oval, will be built employing spatial structures with innovation. Besides, sports facilities built for 2008 Summer Games, like National Stadium (Birds Nest) and National Aquatic Center (Water Cube) will be refurbished and capitalized on the legacy from 2008. Either old or new, all the construction will integrate long-term benefits of sustainability.


The annual symposium of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures(IASS 2022)will be affiliated with 13th Asian-Pacific Conference on Shell and Spatial Structures (APCS 2022). Special sessions pertinent to issues in Asian-Pacific area will be organized.


The symposium will be held on 19 - 22 September 2022 at Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China.




The aim of this symposium is to provide an international forum for engineers, architects, builders and other professionals to present and discuss recent advances on new structural forms, analysis methods, design and construction technologies, maintenance and sustainability in spatial structures, as well as any topics related with shell and spatial structure. It is expected that this symposium will promote developments and bring interests for various new types of shell and spatial structures.


Preliminary Schedule(Beijing Time)

 Theme of the Symposium

The theme of the symposium is: Innovation, Sustainability and Legacy.

The scope of the symposium covers all aspects of shell and spatial structures and will include but not limited to the following topics:

  • Cooling and Solar Updraft Towers(WG 3)
  • Masts and Towers(WG 4)
  • Concrete Shell Roofs // Future Challenges in the Design and Construction of Shell Structures for Low or Zero Carbon(WG 5)
  • Tension and Membrane Structures // Retractable Tension and Membrane Structures/ Tension Structures and Sustainable Society (WG 6)
  • Metal Spatial Structures // Metal Grid-shell Structures, Connections and Stability / Dynamic Response of Metal Spatial Structures(WG8)
  • Timber and Bio-based Spatial Structures // Concepts for Sustainable Innovation in Construction(WG12 )
  • Computational Methods// Next Generation Parametric Design(WG 13)
  • Structural Morphology(WG 15)
  • Historical Spatial Structures// Sustainable Heritage: Challenges and Strategies in the Preservation and Conservation of 20th Century Historic Concrete Shells(WG 17 Joint with WG 5)
  • Life-Cycle Design and Assessment of Shell and Spatial Structures(WG 18)
  • Teaching of Shell and Spatial Structures Facilitating Innovation, Sustainability and Legacy(WG 20)
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Materials/ 3D-Printing and Molding(WG 21)
  • Innovation in New Concepts and Projects
  • Sustainability in Refurbished Facilities
  • Legacy of Antiquity Structures and Modern Exploitation
  • Disaster Mitigation, Wind and Earthquake Effects
  • Snow and Ice Engineering
  • Aluminum Alloy Structure

Important Dates

Submission of abstracts:

31 March,2022

Notification of preliminary acceptance:

30 April,2022

Submission of final papers:

30 June,2022

Notification of final acceptance:

15 July,2022

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